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American RV roof replacement including vinyl

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American Caravans and motorhomes are mostly built with a plywood or chipboard roof covered with a thin vinyl product.

Due to the size of these vehicles they often come in contact with trees and overhead obstacles, Patching the holes in the vinyl immediately is essential to prevent water ingress.

Eventually the roof will need replacing. Our technicians will remove all existing accessories, like solar panels, roof vents, satellite dish etc. Remove the old vinyl and chip board or plywood, reface the roof with quality plywood and fit a tougher TPO product that is much more suitable for NZ's harsh conditions. Once the vinyl is fitted all the accessories and roof vents are refitted and sealed using appropriate sealants

 You can book your vehicle in for a free appraisal where we will look at your vehicle and take measurements, to give you an estimate of how much it will cost for the work