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Fiberglass rear storage boxes fitted

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Looking for reliable, easy to access rear storage box? Look no further than Vantage RV's fiberglass storage boxes! Our boxes were designed with the RV motorist in mind, The boxes fit directly onto the rear wall of the vehicle or we can make brackets that enable the box to be fitted on your existing bike rack, so that it is removable.

With Vantage RV storage boxes, you can enjoy additional space inside the vehicle. as you store those smelly, wet, long or loose items outside in the box as you go on your journey.

Best of all, Vantage RV fiberglass boxes are easy to use. With a top opening access you can chuck all the gear in the rear just like the boot of a car.

So why wait? Experience the convenience and reliability of Vantage RV Storage box today! Contact us to learn how this box might fit on your vehicle

Book a free no obligation appointment to see if we can fit one to your motorhome