Trouble shooting the ALDEN CTVSAT Dish

Finding a signal with a CTVSAT Dish

Please start by checking that the dish has a clear path to the North, check that no obstacles are blocking the signal pathway, from the dish to the satellite in the sky
Finding a signal with a manual ALDEN CTVSAT dish can be difficult first time you do it, in this case we can only assume that you are already a seasoned manual dish user, and that you know exactly how to follow the basic instructions and that the dish was working before but now you have a poor signal quality.
If you are sure that the pathway is clear and you are already an experienced dish user but the dish has stopped working only then proceed further, because you will be changing settings and this might cause problems if it is actually user error not system error:

  1. The ALDEN CTVSAT dish is 650mm in diameter and you should get a pretty good signal all over NZ. When you are in the far East or far West of the country the signal quality will be reduced, so do not proceed further as the cause of the poor signal quality is probably only geographical.
  2. Check that your TV is set to Digital or Satellite TV not Analogue
  3. If you are somewhere central NZ and still have poor signal: Check the LNB angle is set to about 8-9 o clock. (if there is no improvement move on to step 4)
  4. Check that the coax cable is not damaged or corroded, run a temporary coax cable from the LNB to the TV through the door way or window of your vehicle, (if there is no improvement we know it is not the cable or the LNB angle, however it could be that the LNB is faulty, replace the LNB with one that has the same code. (if there is still no improvement move on to step 5)
  5. Check that the dish has not been caught on a tree branch, left up whilst driving etc, and that it is now bent, the ALDEN CTVSAT has an arm that supports the dish, this arm has an especially designed weak spot that will allow the arm to bend when the forces from strong winds are on it. If the arm is bent the dish angle will be wrong and dish adjustment angles will be incorrect. 
  6. If the arm appears bent or out of shape then it will need to be replaced,
  7. If you require further help, please book the vehicle in for a thorough assessment by a professional installer.

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