Fiat Ducato Rear Air Bag Suspension

Are you making too many insurance claims for damaging the rear end of your motorhome? Are you having trouble navigating steep driveways and bumpy roads with your long vehicle?

The overhang on many imported motorhomes is quite long for New Zealand roads, causing the tail end to hit the ground when the rear wheels go into a dip. This is a common issue we see and we have a simple solution to prevent future damages.

Fitting airbags to the rear suspension will allow you to lift the back of the vehicle enough to clear most situations from the comfort of your driver seat. The total lift on the rear axle is about 65mm which equates to about 100mm at the very rear of the vehicle. The controls are mounted in the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel for easy access. The system has its own compressor to inflate the airbags as required, depending on the condition of the road.

The airbags will give you a much smoother drive on the rougher roads, which is always a bonus with your household items shaking round behind you.

 For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page