About Us

Vantages RV is a family business on the Hibiscus Coast, Harry began custom building motor-homes from home. 

In the early years when the kids were small, Harry had to manage his time as a stay at home dad whilst building motorhomes, and Sue pursued her Psychology career and paid the bills. 

As the kids grew up Harry was afforded the time to truly pursue his business ambitions. 

Johan has always helped his Dad but started working full time after he finished his Tertiary Education, he has amazing technical insight and vast experience from being involved in the RV business at a young age, he works mostly on solving tricky issues and designing engineered solutions for new custom RV accessories. 

Over almost 2 decades Vantage RV expanded to new premises 4 times, and we have handpicked individuals with a broad range of skills and experience to help us serve our customers. 

Harry understands that success comes from the ground up, he encourages his staff to support and challenge each other, to ask questions, and always look for better more effective ways to do things.

Their humble beginnings have afforded them their greatest asset, knowledge of a wide variety of vehicles from all over the world, the related products fitted within those vehicles, the problems associated with those products, and the eventual repair methods. 

Equipped with this knowledge and understanding the team pursue to solve a wide array of issues for their client base