Plumbing work

Our skilled Technicians can diagnose plumbing issues and make new installments and repairs on a range of vehicles, including old and new vehicles from the UK, Europe, America, and Kiwi-built. We stock various plumbing fittings, pipes, pumps, tanks, etc., for quick installation. If you have a plumbing issue, we will diagnose the problem and estimate the cost of parts and labor, and once we start work, we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise.

Our experienced Technicians can help with a wide variety of plumbing work, including:

  • Fresh water plumbing work
  • Fitting additional fresh and waste water tanks
  • Replacing factory cassette toilets with macerator-pumped toilets
  • Replacing or repairing water pumps
  • Replacing micro-switched taps
  • Wastewater plumbing work
  • City water filler point connections installed

Our commitment to high quality standards means that we will meticulously test all plumbing work before you collect your vehicle, ensuring that we are completely satisfied with the work and you can drive away with peace of mind.

For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page