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Collection: RV Gas Works

Gas works in general

Vantage RV will assess your vehicle, whether it is new or old and work out what is required to meet the current gas regulations. We will estimate the cost of parts and labor free-of-charge and once we start work, we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise.

Mostly with older vehicles, if one of the gas appliances fails, then any work done must meet the latest regulations. In other words if any appliance in a vehicle is changed or upgraded then the whole vehicle's gas system must be brought up to the latest standards and meet the current gas regulations. This will also help to keep you and your family safe on your next adventure.

For that to happen the vehicle must:

  • Be fitted with a pressure test point, all appliances must pass a subsequent pressure test.
  • All appliances must have a working flame fail device.
  • All pipes must be sold copper (with some minor exceptions) and flexible pipes must be braided stainless hose.
  • All gas lockers must meet regulations.
  • The rear part of a 3 Way Fridges must be sealed from the internal sleeping space.
  • All gas appliances must be flued to the outside.
  • Additionally, there are a number situation specific regulations required which we can talk you through in order to get your vehicle signed off.

Are you planning to Import a vehicle from the USA

Are you planning on importing an American Caravan, 5th wheeler or RV?
As the importer you must ensure that the vehicle meets NZ gas regulations.
American imported vehicles often have flexible hose gas plumbing, and some of the appliances do not have automatic flame fail safe devices installed in them. Therefor the vehicle will fail NZ gas regulations unless some gas work is done to bring them up to spec.

The vehicle will need new sheathed solid copper plumbing to all the gas appliances, appliances without fail safe devices will need replacing with suitable approved NZ appliances.
Vantage RV has been converting American RV's for importers since 2012, and we are familiar with what is required to meet the current gas regulations, In 2013 the new gas regulations were introduced, and they are now fully enforced.

We will estimate the cost of parts and labor free of charge, once we start work we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise, the vehicle will be brought up to spec and certified within the time frame we have set.

Other issues you should be aware of are:

  • US caravan brake hubs must be fitted with a handbrake to pass NZ WOF
  • The Electrical system must meet NZ regulations.
Motorhome and Caravan - Imported Vehicles
All new and used imported vehicles need to meet New Zealand Gas Regulations. The importer of a vehicle must ensure that the vehicle meets all of the new Gas Standards. All importers will remain liable for the lifetime of the vehicle, if anything happens to the vehicle, due to a gas incident occurring. Liability is only transferred to an approved gas practitioner once the Gas Certification is issued. It is therefore imperative that importers ensure the vehicle is certified.

Motorhome and Caravan - Used Vehicles
Existing vehicles already imported prior to 2013 thus predating the current regulations do not have to comply with the new regulations, except in cases where the gas plumbing is altered in any way. This will result in the vehicle having to comply to the latest standards.

Gas Certification

The gas safety certificate is issued after any work is done on the existing gas system of a vehicle, for example after changing an appliance, that is assuming that the vehicle has an existing and current Gas Certificate.

If the vehicle has no current Gas Certificate then instead of a Gas Safety Cert we will issue a Full Gas Cert.
To obtain a Full Gas Certificate, existing appliances, or any parts of the gas system that do not meet the current gas regulations, will need upgrading to the latest specifications.
Our list of requirements for a Full Gas Cert are as follows:
  • All appliances must have flame failure protection
  • All appliances must be correctly installed according to regulations
  • All gas pipes must be in solid copper sheathed pipe
  • Gas bottles must be stored correctly in a locker sealed from the inside of the vehicle
  • Gas regulator must have a pressure test point
  • Must have a gas detector
  • Must have a CO detector
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