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Replacing a cassette toilet with an easy-to-clean porcelain bowl toilet

Motorhome toilet cassettes can be unpleasant to dump for people with a sensitive stomach.

Exchanging plastic for porcelain 

We often get asked why the vehicle cannot have a normal house toilet with black water waste tanks.
Not a problem, we can usually make it happen, the existing cassette toilets are mostly located in very compact spaces over the chassis rails and therefore we need to use a boat toilet with a macerator pump, which liquidizes the waste and pumps it through a 25mm pipe around the chassis rails and into the tanks below the vehicle. 

Before and After

What do you get?

The new toilet consist of a large bowl, much like the one at home, but what is different is that it has a fully enclosed pump motor built in the rear of the toilet, which is not visible from the inside of the bathroom. 
We make it accessible from the outside of the vehicle so that maintenance can be carried out from outside.

How does it work?

The flushing mechanism is operated by a switch that initiates the 12 volt macerator/pump and uses the onboard water supply for flushing the bowl.
An additional waste water tank monitor is fitted to monitor the toilet (black water) tank levels, the black water tank is normally flushed by the grey water tank, which backs up some pressure and promotes a good flow. It is common practice for us to fit a tornado tank flush system that makes it easy to get the black water tank nice and clean.

What skills are required?

This work involves plumbing, welding, wiring and joinery work, and the self-containment certificate must be updated thereby correcting all the details on the certificate. 
If you are interested in having something like this done to your vehicles please contact us and we can arrange to give you an estimate