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Annual inspections

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Vantage RV Annual Inspections: Keep Your RV in Top Shape

Book your appointment today and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

Why choose Vantage RV annual inspections?

·         Vantage RV already does annual inspections for many of the major brands, the importers will not honor a warranty on a vehicle if the vehicle has not had consistent yearly inspections done. (read the small print)

·         Vantage RV is a trusted and certified RV service provider with over 20 years of experience.

·         We comprehensively inspect and test your RV or Caravan's electrical, plumbing, heating, structure, and panel work for damage from previous accidents or possible other defects.

·         We use specific tools and a lot of experience to diagnose moisture ingress that may affect the structure of your RV.

·         We provide a detailed report with images of our findings, recommendations, and, if necessary, a free estimate for any required repairs or maintenance work.

How do you book your Vantage RV annual inspection?

·         Fill out the online form to make a booking.

·         Or call us at 09 427 8247 and speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff members.

·         We will confirm your appointment and send you a reminder email or text message before your scheduled date.

·         Bring your RV or Caravan to our service center at 7 Peters Way, Silverdale, Auckland, and enjoy talking to our friendly staff.

·         If required, we can arrange for you to use our courtesy car.

What are you waiting for?

·         Vantage RV annual inspections are the best way to ensure your RV or Caravan will not deteriorate because there might be an issue you were unaware of.

·         Don't let minor problems turn into major headaches and costly repairs.

·         Protect your investment and your family's safety with vantage RV annual inspections.

·         Book your appointment by filling out the form below.