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Alko Caravan Axle Repairs

Does your European caravan appear to sit very low down, close to the road with little road clearance?

Well that is great for getting in and out of the vehicle but it probably means that the axle is due for refurbishment

What has happened is the rubber suspension insets in the axle have become squashed and no longer have any give, therefore your suspension has become non existing. Basically the whole caravan interior and outer structure are now submitted to impact forces from the road.

When the wheels hit potholes and indentations in the road the suspension no longer takes up the shock and those forces are transmitted to the structure and fabric of the caravan interior.

If you carry on towing your caravan in this condition you will almost certainly cause more damage, and you will be surprised as to what happens. The bulkheads and cupboards will become unattached from the walls, the bulkheads will start pushing through the roof and that causes water ingress. We have even seen the chassis rails crack braking everything inside.

At Vantage RV we are able to remove the axle and have the rubbers replaced with new ones, which will give you a better and smoother ride, and extend the life of your vehicle.

 For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page