Struggling to access your motorhome?

The Problem

Most modern motorhome cabs were originally designed for commercial use and were constructed to ride high off the ground, which makes access into the cab a little difficult for shorter and less agile people

The Solution

The solution is to mount an outside passenger and or driver step that is bolted onto the vehicle chassis, making access into the vehicle a lot simpler; over the last 6 or 7 years, we have developed and modified various versions of the cab steps for a range of vehicle types, these modifications based on customer feedback have enabled us to produce steps for most of the common late model motorhome cabs available today.

The Hardware

The steps are made to fit underneath the sill of the Fiat Ducato, VW Crafter, Ford Transit, or Mercedes Sprinter vehicle cab. The step frame is constructed of galvanized steel with exterior aluminum cladding  

Note the difference in step height between the 2 images

The Benefits

  1. Easy and safe access to the motorhome driver’s cab area
  2. Anti-slip profile on the steps to reduce the chance of a fall from the cab of the motorhome
  3. The step prevents the lightweight plastic side skirts of the motorhome body from being used as steps
  4. Side bar protection reduces the chance of motorhome skirt damage by debris and vegetation on the side of the road while driving

We have also developed some beneficial handles that bolt onto the A-pillars of the vehicle, making it much easier to pull yourself up into the cab along with the help of the steps

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  • Interesting, relevant and valuable information. We want one of those steps and handles……..sometime!! Thank you!

    rob Insull
  • We have a 2020 Fiat Ducatto, what’s the deal to fit two steps and possibly handles

    Gordon Wallis

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