AC Electrical Work

Mains power electrical work

Vantage RV will assess your vehicle, whether it is new or old and work out what is required to meet the current electric regulations. We will estimate the cost of parts and labor free-of-charge and once we start work, we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise.

When we work with very old vehicles on any 240-volt electrical work, regulations require that the whole vehicle's electrical system must be brought up to the latest standards and meet the current electrical regulations, if any AC electrical wiring in a vehicle is changed or upgraded.

For that to happen the vehicle must:

  • Be safe and be fitted with an RCBO
  • All sockets and wiring must conform to the latest regulations
  • All sockets must be switched

USA imported vehicles

Are you planning on importing an American Caravan, 5th wheeler or RV?
As the importer you must ensure that the vehicle meets NZ Electrical regulations, because American vehicles are wired up for 110 volts, the vehicle cannot be used in NZ unless the wiring is converted to 240 volt AC and certified.

The vehicles, will need a full rewire, because the US cables do not meet our NZ specs, the master switch board will need to be altered with 240 volt RCBO's fitted, the mains power connection, the 12 volt battery charger, the heating elements to the hot water system and the 3 way fridge, must all be changed and some of the circuit boards might need to be altered too. In other words the entire AC electrical wiring in a vehicle must be upgraded to meet the current electrical regulations, some of the appliances like the TV can be assessed for reuse.

Vantage RV has been converting American RV's for importers since 2012, and we are familiar with what is required to meet the current electric regulations, we will estimate the cost of parts and labor free of charge, once we start work we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise, the vehicle will be brought up to spec and certified within the time frame we have set.

Other issues you should be aware of are:

  • US caravan brake hubs must be fitted with a handbrake to pass NZ WOF
  • The gas system must meet NZ regulations. 

European imported vehicles

Imported Motorhomes and Caravans

Caravans and Motorhomes imported from the UK and Europe present fewer difficulties in obtaining electrical certification than vehicles imported from the USA, since they have fewer appliances installed that do not meet New Zealand Specification Standards. However, there are a few appliances and items that need to be changed when the vehicle arrives in the country. Finding matching sockets to the European designs is not always straight forward. We stock a wide selection and can generally get a close match.
The residual-current device (RCD) will need changing and all work should be carried out by an approved practitioner with knowledge of 230 AC in vehicles.

Used Motorhomes and Caravans

All vehicles need an Electrical Certification after any electrical work is carried out. The certification will remain with the vehicle for 4 years. Subsequent alterations to any of the electrical components must be carried out by an approved practitioner and recorded. All paperwork relating to those alterations must be kept with the vehicle. The actual cost of the electric cert is only $130 + GST, but excludes any additional work that will be required to meet the New Zealand regulations.

For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page