Caravan Motor movers

Are you struggling to hook up a heavy caravan to your tow vehicle?
Do you need to park your caravan in a tight spot close to the house or other obstacles?

Why not fit a reliable and remote controlled Caravan Motor-mover to your caravan? These Motor-movers are fitted to the chassis of your vehicle and can engage onto the wheel when required. This enables you to move the caravan easily using a remote controlled hand held device.

These Motor-movers are exceptionally convenient if you finding it challenging hooking up your heavy vehicle or find yourself parking in tight spaces. They are easy to operate with just one person and allow you to move the caravan around with the ease of a remote control button. No bending down required as the rollers engage with the tires.

Vantage RV Technicians can fit these units to most types of caravans, single or tandem wheel units.

For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page

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