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Fitting instructions for side steps

1. Ensure the passenger step is on the left of the vehicle and the driver step is on the right.
2. The Ducato Chassis passenger side has M8 threaded nuts already fitted in the chassis, the factory plastic ring plugs can be removed simply. The driver side is not as simple to fit, it has no pre-installed nuts and needs to be fitted with M8 RivNuts using a special RivNut tool.
3. Always fit the passenger side step first, to establish the exact location of the step on the vehicle using the factory M8 nuts as reference.
4. Now gently lift the step at the front rounded end ensuring that the galvanized angle fits snug behind the sill of the vehicle.
5. The plastic skirt between the cab and the motorhome body may need to be trimmed slightly, depending on the manufacturer of the Motor-home, different manufacturers and models have changed their skirts over the years.
6. Once the step is correctly located, and raised into position the 3 mounting points on the step should line up with M8 nuts on the chassis
7. Ensure that the 2x 40mm x 40mm x 15mm grey packers are fitted between the steps angled mounting points on the sill side of the step. Before tightening up the bolt check that the packer is sandwiched between the square galv plate washer and the step mount, in other words the plate washer is located firm against the RivNut, to prevent it from pulling through the packer when tightening the bolts up hard.
8. Do not tighten up any of the bolts until all the bolts have been screwed in by hand (take care not to cross thread the bolts).
9. Now tighten up all the bolts, do not tighten one fully before moving to the next, always rotate the bolt pattern to ease the step into its correct location. Do not OVER tighten. Once the passenger side is fitted, it is possible to start fitting the Driver side.
10. The Driver side should be located temporarily and marked through the holes in the step’s mounting points.
11. Now drill 3 holes to the recommended size for the RivNut, measured from the outer diameter of the M8 RivNuts which is supplied (we cannot give a size because the OD might vary depending on the RivNut supplier and it is important to get the correct diameter).
12. Once the holes have been drilled, rivet the RivNuts in place using a RivNut tool. (Not provided)
13. The Driver side step can now be mounted much like the passenger side step.