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Truma appliance fault diagnostics

At Vantage RV we are able to diagnose problems with most Truma appliances, using our Truma Diagnostic tool connected to a computer, so we can identify exactly which components are playing up. We are able to analyze faults in the following Truma products:

Truma Gas Combi 2007-20018, Truma Diesel Combi 2007-20013, Truma CP Plus CI Bus, Truma VarioHeat, Truma Aventa, Truma AquaGo, Truma Mover S,SE GO2 Mover XT.

The most common issues we deal with are the Combi heater/boiler

These heater/boilers were designed to be safe, with sensors all over, measuring and recording significant elements such as temperature, CO, air flow, voltages etc. 

If the sensors measure anything unusual  the boiler will immediately shut down, to protect the occupants inside the vehicle. The reset button will restart the unit but only if the sensors no longer pick up anomalies. It is only possible to restart the boiler a set number of times before the boiler will completely shut down and then nothing will work. The only way to restart it is to connect the diagnostic tool, identify the issues, fix them, reset the motherboard and then test run the boiler/heater

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