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NZ-Sat Manual Windup Satellite Dish

NZ-Sat Manual Windup Satellite Dish

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Experience the comforts of your own home while traveling in your motorhome, by installing a lightweight NZSat Satellite Dish.

The NZSat mounts on the roof of your vehicle and is easily lowered, raised, and rotated with an indoor crank handle. You would need to have a basic understanding of geometry, as the dish is manually lined up in the direction of the satellite and the correct elevation needs to be determined to receive a signal.

For hassle-free operation, we will supply you with a handy elevation meter and an information sheet with details regarding setting by location.

The NZSat is manufactured with dual shock absorbers, limiting its movement in windy conditions and thus maintaining a better signal.

These units can be installed at our workshop in Silverdale. Please contact us for further information regarding installation costs. Tel: 09 4278247 Email:

  • 10750 LNB
  • A warning alarm in case you drive off with the dish still up
  • Digital elevation meter
  • GPS location guide
  • Dual gas struts
  • 60cm dish for excellent reception.
  • Large footprint to spread the load