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Thetford C400 Cassette Toilet RHS Water Supply

Thetford C400 Cassette Toilet RHS Water Supply

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This cassette toilet has a slide out, portable waste holding tank. The convenient LED indicator, lets you know when the waste tank is full. The vent plunger, for emptying the unit, prevents any splashing. The unit is easy to clean. There is a rotating, built in spout for effortless emptying of the waste tank.

There is the option of a right hand or left hand internal water supply and access door.
This product has the RHS Internal Water Supply. If you are interested in the LHS Internal Water Supply please see our other listing.

These units can be installed at our workshop in Silverdale. Please contact us for further information regarding installation costs. Tel: 09 4278247 Email:


  • White
  • High quality, durable plastic
  • LED Indicator Display
  • Retractable handle
  • Wheels on the portable waste tank
  • 19.3 liter waste tank capacity
  • 512mm x 670mm x 400mm(h x w x d)
  • Weight : 8.1kg
  • Seat height: 473mm
  • 1 year return to base Warranty


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