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Solar systems fitted

Solar systems for Motorhomes and Caravans

Vantage RV can assess your current solar setup, or if you do not have one, we will identify what is required to get the most beneficial solar system for your lifestyle and vehicle, we can estimate the cost of parts and labor, once we start work we will inform you if any unexpected issues arise.

It is important to have a well installed solar system mapped out on the roof space available, a system that has no shadowing from the hatches and satellite dish, a system that has been appropriately set up for battery type and size, a system that does not cause unexplained issues with the TV or radio, we are often asked to identify the cause of poor performing solar systems.

We can mostly fit a solar system within a working day.

Vantage RV will also custom build solar systems for homes located in remote locations where grid tie is impossible, we work with our customers to identify what their requirements are and try to work within budget.

For more information or to arrange to have your vehicle assessed, please contact us through our contact page