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12 volt Lithium 260 Watt Solar Generator
12 volt Lithium 260 Watt Solar Generator
12 volt Lithium 260 Watt Solar Generator
12 volt Lithium 260 Watt Solar Generator

12 volt Lithium 260 Watt Solar Generator

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This system is perfect ideal as an off-grid power generator to run most 12-volt compressor fridges.

Can be installed by a novice with limited DIY capabilities. Just find a suitable dry location for the solar system and the battery, plug in the solar panel facing North at about 45 degrees, ensuring there is no shadowing. Then plug in the fridge and LED lighting.  It is ideal for supplying the basic needs i.e. refrigeration and light to a remote location with no grid-power

Next, you download the Lithium battery app on your smartphone and you will be able to see exactly what current is coming into your battery and what you are using, the display gives you a state of charge so you can monitor exactly how your battery is doing, 

The advantage of the new Lithium battery is that they are much more efficient and faster at absorbing energy during the charge cycle, actually about 10 times faster. Now it is possible to harvest solar energy between cloudy periods much quicker with this solar system, which is important, because the energy input from the solar controller varies hugely between overcast periods and sunny periods, in other words, absorb the energy fast when the sun comes out, traditional batteries absorb energy very slowly

These generators can be customized for you if you have specific needs, the images are generic images of a common example, some components may change depending on your requirements.

Units are custom made in NZ with high quality trusted components and are compatible with the following fridges:

VRV110 1 door

VRV146 2 door
VRV175 2 door
VRV250 2 door

For more information about custom-built systems, please call us on 09 427 8247


  • Lithium battery which has excellent cycling ability, 10x longer life expectancy, 5 x faster rechargeability, and 2 x higher discharge capacity than traditional batteries 
  • Bluetooth app displays on your mobile phone and indicates the battery voltage, amps, etc
  • Pre-wired solar system for easy DIY installation
  • 12-volt output for the fridge

Technical Information

  • 12-volt Lithium Solar Generator
  • 1 x 100 amp/hr Lithium battery with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1 x 20 amp MPPT Solar Controller and Display
  • 1 x 260W Solar Panels
  • Pre-wired electrical board containing all the electronics
  • Fuse board