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Fiamma Turbo Vent 28 (white lid)

Fiamma Turbo Vent 28 (white lid)

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For airing small spaces like toilets and showers, the Fiamma vent is a sturdy well made vent with a fly screen, it has a permanent airflow system for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.

Open the roof vent by turning the knob inside the vehicle
This vent has a 12-volt fan, and has a tinted transparent lid to let the light through
These units can be installed at our workshop in Silverdale. Please contact us for further information regarding installation costs. Tel: 09 4278247 Email:


Cream white frame
White lid
Comes with a 12-volt fan
Adjustable opening
1.5 kg
Size 350 mm x 355 mm
Cut-out dimensions: 280 mm x 280 mm
Best for roof thicknesses: between 43 mm-80 mm
Height open 320 mm
Height closed 90 mm
1 Year Factory Warranty