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S4 Framed Window 1048mm wide x 832mm high

S4 Framed Window 1048mm wide x 832mm high

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Framed motorhome or caravan window, with internal roller blind and flyscreen,
The Dometic S4 is a top-hung window with a built-in aluminum-coated light blocking roller blind and a fly screen that rolls out from the opposite side of the roller blind, the two clip together and can be rolled up and down with one hand. It has a secure locking system to prevent it from being opened from the outside. It has a double acrylic glazed window pane and a robust polyurethane frame which ensures excellent insulation.


  • Anti-corrosion polyurethane window frame
  • Integrated top hinge
  • Double glazed
  • Roller blind
  • Roller flyscreen
  • Opening stays
  • Internal latches
  • Tinted acrylic glass


  • Product height 832 mm
  • Product width 1048 mm
  • Net weight 12 kg
  • The opening width of 904 mm
  • Opening height of 654 mm
  • Wall thickness 32 mm
  • Cut out height 800 mm
  • Cut out width 1002 mm