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24 volt 120 amp/hr 520 Watt Solar Generator
24 volt 120 amp/hr 520 Watt Solar Generator
24 volt 120 amp/hr 520 Watt Solar Generator

24 volt 120 amp/hr 520 Watt Solar Generator

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The Vantage 24 volt Solar Generator can be installed by a novice with limited DIY capabilities. Find a suitable dry location for the solar box and face the solar panels north at 45 degrees, ensuring there is no shadowing. Plugin the 24-volt appliances such as the fridge and/or additional LED lighting, phone or tablet. Please ask if you want to run 12 and 24-volt appliances, we can wire the unit up for such an application

The Vantage Solar Generator can be ordered in either 12V or 24V, with capacity for additional solar watts up to a maximum of 400W @ 12 Volt and 800W @ 24Volt.

Images show custom solar generators, with combined wind/sun generator controllers and inverters pre-wired for you, these can be made to order upon request.

Units are custom made in NZ with high quality, trusted components and are compatible with the following fridges:

VRV110 upright
VRV146 2 door upright
VRV175 2 door upright
VRV250 2 door upright

For more information on our custom-built systems, please contact us on 09 427 8247 or


  • 24-volt Solar system
  • Will run both the small and the larger fridges
  • Enough capacity to run additional LED lighting
  • Has charge facilities for Phones and Ipads

Technical Information

  • 2 x 260W Solar Panels
  • 2 x 120 Amp/Hrs maintenance-free AGM battery
  • 1 x 20 amp MMPT Solar Controller
  • The digital display shows Amps coming in and Amps going out, battery voltage etc
  • 2 x USB charging sockets 5 volt
  • Cables to solar Panels
  • Pre-wired and fused battery, solar connection, and load connection