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Airtronic Diesel space heater 2.2kW

Airtronic Diesel space heater 2.2kW

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Eberspaecher climate control heaters operate like a forced air furnace, using the vehicle's own fuel and 12 or 24 volt power supply to generate heat in the living space of the vehicle. The heater operates quietly cycling the air in the cabin.

The Airtronic Diesel air heater can be fitted with ducts that carry the warm air from the internal furnace, by means of a fan around the vehicle, each time the air is circulated it is heated up again until the thermostat reaches the desired heat.

The combustion air is sucked through flexible pipes from outside, from under the vehicle to the furnace, the burnt fumes are then passed through an exhaust duct back under the vehicle.

Each unit comes standard with one single duct outlet and one single duct inlet, thermostat and diesel pump. More duct outlets can be added to warm up other area like the shower or vanity area

These units can be installed at our workshop in Silverdale. Please contact us for further information regarding installation costs. Tel: 09 4278247 Email:
  • Economical
  • No need for a new gas certification
  • Built in self diagnosis
  • Quick release cover for easy access
  • Uses fuel you already carry anyway

Technical Information
  • Light weight 2.7 Kg
  • Size 305 mm Long x 115 mm Wide x 122 mm High
  • 4 desired settings from 0.85 kW to 2.2kW
  • Consumption 0.10L/hr at low setting to 0.28L/hr at high setting
  • Power consumption 0.67amp at low setting to 2.8 amps at high setting