12.8 Volt 100 Amp/Hr Lithium Battery with Bluetooth App
12.8 Volt 100 Amp/Hr Lithium Battery with Bluetooth App
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 12.8 Volt 100 Amp/Hr Lithium Battery with Bluetooth App

12.8 Volt 100 Amp/Hr Lithium Battery with Bluetooth App

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The Predator PLI12-100BT LifePO4 Battery is a 12V lightweight 100 amp hour battery weighing 12.9 Kg.

This battery has a built-in Bluetooth battery monitor that connects to any mobile phone via an app. This is a major plus because it saves installation costs of battery monitors, and there is no need to run cables, cut holes, etc.

This is a simple replacement solution for the standard 12-volt regular lead-acid battery. Lithium gives twice as much usable energy as lead-acid and weighs half as much, which is a plus in any caravan.

The advantages of Lithium batteries are now well documented, and as you already know, they are much more efficient and faster at absorbing energy during the charge cycle, actually about ten times faster. Now, it is possible to harvest solar energy between cloudy periods much quicker with a solar system; this is important because the energy input from the solar controller varies hugely between overcast periods and sunny periods; in other words, it
makes hay quickly while the sun shines.

Most standard AC 240 to 12-volt DC chargers in existing caravans and motorhomes will only charge these lithium batteries up to about 85% because these chargers were designed for lead-acid batteries. Still, if you have a modern solar system then it is often possible to change the charge parameters so that the battery gets its complete charge through the solar system. If you do not have a solar system, you will have to upgrade your AC charger to one capable of dealing with lithium batteries.

The batteries come with a built-in battery management system that regulates the cells while charging and also has a blue tooth battery monitor that links to an app on your mobile phone, that way you can always tell through the app how much energy you are drawing, the state of charge, battery voltage, etc


  • Lightweight, compact battery
  • Maintenance-free
  • No fumes or smells due to the batteries' sealed nature
  • No need to maintain water levels
  • Extraordinary life cycle at 3500 cycles at 80% deep discharge
  • Fast recharge
  • A built-in blue tooth battery monitor links to the App on Andriod & iOS

Technical Information:

  • Bluetooth Communication: via App for Android & iOS
  • Size: 306 x 168 x 210 mm (L x W x H)
  • Nominal Energy 1280Wh
  • Discharge cut-off voltage (recommended) 11.2 volts
  • Nominal charge voltage 14.6 volts
  • Float voltage 13.6 volts
  • 2.5 hour fast recharge time
  • Maximum charge current 100A
  • Recommended charge current 50A
  • Capacity: 100Ah
  • Weight: 12.9kg
  • Operating Temp Range Discharge: -20ºC~55ºC
  • Charge: 0ºC~50ºC
  • Storage: -20ºC~60ºC
  • Average at 25ºC Self-Discharge 6 months
  • Please charge batteries before using
  • Terminal type E 8mm thread

Charge criteria

  • Bulk charge (stage 1) 14 - 14.8 V
  • Absorption charge (stage 2) 14 - 14.8 V
  • Float charge (stage 3) 13.3 - 13.8 V


When charging these batteries, use a charger set for lithium batteries.
Solar controllers and most modern battery chargers can be set at the correct charge criteria for these batteries.


The Manufacturer has no obligation under this Limited Warranty for Product subjected to the following conditions (including but not limited to):

· Damage caused during shipping or mishandling of the Product.

· Damage due to improper installation: loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling, incorrect series (cannot be used in series) or parallel connections, reverse polarity connections, or insufficient space for airflow.

· Environmental damage such as inappropriate storage conditions as defined by the Manufacturer, exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage, impact, or collision.

· Damage due to improper operation or maintenance, such as under- or over-charging the Product, cold-temperature charging, or lack of cleaning resulting in corroded terminal connections or build-up of dirt, debris, organic matter, fossil fuels, or chemicals on the Product casing.

· Product that has been opened, modified, or tampered with.

· Tampering or removal of manufacture date codes.

· Product that was used for applications other than which it was designed and intended for by the Manufacturer.

· Product that was under-sized for the application.

This Limited Warranty does not cover a Product that has reached its expected end of life due to usage, which may occur before the Warranty Period. A battery can deliver only a fixed amount of Energy over its life, which will occur over different periods depending on the application. The Manufacturer reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the Product is determined, upon inspection, to be at its normal end of life, even within the Warranty Period.