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Self Containment Kit for Caravans

Self Containment Kit for Caravans

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This is a self-containment kit for those who want to obtain self-containment themselves. Every caravan is different, but this should contain most of what is required to alter the plumbing into a portable waste tank. This should only be attempted by someone with reasonable DIY skills.

The UK and European caravans manufacturers use a 28 mm grey or black tube for all the waste plumbing. This is a push-fit system and therefore requires no glue for assembly. Mostly it is possible to redirect all the plumbing to one point without buying any extra tube.

You will need a wastewater tank to connect to this kit, and the wastewater tank needs altering, for that you will need a Roll tank hardware kit
You will also need a hose kit from the caravan to the tanks

For more information about self-containment on your vehicle, please feel free to contact us on 09 427 8247 or


  • 1 x 25mm Ball valve
  • 1 x Camlock male outlet
  • 1 x 25mm BSP to 28mm waste connection
  • 3 x waste traps
  • 1 x 90 elbow
  • 1 x 45 elbow
  • 1 x straight connector
  • 1 x T
  • 1 x Y
  • 1 x Camlock cap