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Tracer 40 Amp Solar Controller with Display

Tracer 40 Amp Solar Controller with Display

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The TRACER EPEVER Solar MPPT type controller is a 40 Amp solar controller broadly used for motor-home solar systems. This controller has a built-in display, which tells you what the voltages are at the panel and at the battery. It also indicates amps being used and being produced.

MPPT (or Maximum Power Point Tracking) is currently, as far as we know, the most efficient type of solar controller and performs better in all environmental conditions.

This is a 40 amp off-grid solar controller, ideally suited for motor-homes, caravans, and small off-grid homes or baches, this particular controller has common negative earth, the negative earth is used for switching the loads on and off.

These units can be installed at our workshop in Silverdale. Please contact us for further information regarding installation costs. Tel: 09 4278247 Email:


  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, with efficiency gains of no less than 99.5%
  • High-quality components, enabling conversion efficiency of up to 98%
  • Ultra fast-tracking speed
  • Connection for Remote Temperature sensor for monitoring battery temp
  • Indicators for setting a timer or battery type
  • Setting button for load work mode status selection
  • Solar Module terminal connection blocks
  • Battery terminal connection blocks
  • Load terminal connection blocks
  • RS-485 Communication Interface for remote digital MT-50 display or PC monitoring

Technical Information

  • System voltage 12/24 VDC Auto
  • Rated charge current 40A
  • Rated discharge current 40A
  • Max PV input voltage 100v
  • Max PV Input power for a: 12-volt system 520 watts / 24-volt system 1040 watt
  • Dimension: 180mm x 65mm x 260mm (wxdxh)

Minimum Requirements

  • Recommended cable diameter from the solar panel should be no less than 4mm2
  • The solar controllers should always be fitted in a dust-free, dry environment.
  • Always run loads from the load terminals on the right of the solar controller, unless the draw is greater than 40 Amp. That way you can always monitor how much energy you are generating and using