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VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete
VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete
VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete
VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete
VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete

VRV 175 Fridge Freezer & Solar System Complete

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Do you need a fridge in your caravan motorhome boat or remote bach? These fridges were originally designed to run on solar energy in tropical third-world locations.  

Therefore due to its efficient design, you can easily connect the VRV175 to the supplied 12-volt lithium battery, fit a solar panel on the roof and plug in the controller and fridge to run the system 24/7 at no cost. We have systems out there still running reliably for almost a decade now

This solution simply replaces the old 3-way ammonia fridges that produce excessive heat, are inefficient, problematic, and difficult to certify due to today's stringent gas regulations.

This fridge has separate fridge freezer doors to increase efficiency and the exceptionally thick insulation ensures that the compressor runs less often.

Enjoy the luxuries you would expect at home with this large, modern, efficient VRV175 fridge freezer, Easy to fit in your motorhome, caravan, or bach, and run it on solar power.

This package comes complete with the fridge, a prewired solar system with a lithium battery and everything you need for DIY installation

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  • Freestanding 120-liter fridge and 39-liter freezer
  • 1 x 260-watt mid voltage solar panel
  • 1 x lithium battery with Bluetooth connectivity that displays the battery voltage, SOC, and amperages
  • A prewired and labeled plug and play system for DIY installation
  • A high-quality MPPT type solar controller
  • 6 meters of solar cable with labels lugs, inline fuse, and plugs prewired
  • 2 meters of battery cable with labels lugs and inline fuse prewired
  • 2 meters of fridge cable with lugs inline fuse and plug prewired
  • Alloy brackets for mounting the solar panel on the roof
  • Stainless tech screws and pop-rivets for DIY installation
  • UV resistant conduit and saddles for exposed cables on the roof
  • Online an office-based installation and after-sales service
Technical Information:
  • 2 Year Warranty for all components
  • 12/24 volt 75-watt compressor motor for fridge
  • Fridge size is 1270mm x 595mm x 575mm (including 60mm door thickness) (HxWxD)
  • 1 x 100 amp/hr Lithium battery with Bluetooth
  • Good quality Tracer 20 amp solar controller
  • 1 x 260-watt mid voltage solar panel
  • Prewired marine grade cables high-quality cables, and miscellaneous fitting equipment